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Users Guide for male Prostate Massagers

Most men would be uncomfortable with anything to do with their butt or anal stimulation. But a man’s anus is actually designed for pleasure, and mainly because of the prostate gland, considered as the male version of a female’s g-spot. Stimulation of the prostate gland, or prostate milking, is not only healthy but can also give so much pleasure, and you can experience intense orgasm with prostate massagers.

What are Prostate Massagers?

The traditional way to massage the prostate is through using a finger. A man can do this alone, or your partner can do it for you either as part of foreplay or even after sex. But the problem with using a finger is that it is sometimes too short to hit the prostate gland. You may not even feel comfortable using your finger, even with a condom, and this is where prostate sex toys like prostate massagers helps!

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to stimulate the male prostate gland, just as what g-spot massagers are to women for g-spot stimulation. Prostate massagers are designed like a finger, since prostate massage has been traditionally experienced through the use of fingers, fingering the anus. A prostate massager features a slightly curved head tip so it can effectively massage the prostate gland. Stimulation can be either through rubbing in circular motions, repeated light massage, or through vibrations. Second generation butt plugs offer curved tips to ensure maximum contact with the prostate gland.

How to use Prostate Massagers?

For first timers, smaller prostate massagers are best to minimize discomfort. They are also easier to control and use. You can always go for something bigger in size in the future.

Before anything else, make sure to follow some of the basic tips and advice you should keep in mind before trying out prostate massagers, either by yourself or with the help of your partner. Anal hygiene, making sure your anus is clean, is essential and it helps if you had bowel movement before. There are certain sex toys like bulb enema to make sure your anus is well rinsed before playing with prostate sex toys.

Remember that prostate massage is about massaging and not pumping. Once you hit the prostate gland, light strokes and gentle motions are enough to arouse and excite the prostate gland. Some prostate massagers come with vibration functions for added stimulations and increased sexual pleasure. ThatsNaughty Australia has a wide selection of prostate massagers that you can buy online to make pegging easier and more effective. These prostate massagers has been designed to hit your prostate gland often, and comes with extra functions like vibrations to get you stimulated like you never thought possible.

As with sex toys, having a generous amount of lubricants will help make penetration easier, and there are also a wide selection of lubricants you can use, some with warming or cooling effect, per personal preference. Lubricants also make sure you will prevent rectal lining damage. When it comes to anal play, silicone base lubricants are the best choice, since they will stay wet and slick longer compared to water base lubricants. You can also browse through a selection of anal lubricants, and for the sensitive, they come with numbing effects to make the penetration experience easier.

Never forget that with sex toys, hygiene is always a must, so make sure you keep your hands and your sex toys always germ-free safe and clean with sex toys cleaners before and after use.

Prostate massage, prostate stimulation offers a new world of pleasure for any man and closer intimacy between lovers, sexual pleasure worth experiencing and sharing. ThatsNaughty Australia is the best online sex toy shop in Australia for sex toys like prostate massagers and anal butt plugs for anal stimulation and prostate masturbation!


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