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Rabbit Vibrators – Australia Buyers Guide

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

A Rabbit vibrator is a female sex toy for masturbation designed to provide twin points of stimulation contact on a woman’s clitoris. It gets its name from the twin nubs that look like rabbit ears that stimulate a woman’s clitoris from both left and right sides. A woman’s clitoris is her most erogenous zones, containing the most nerve endings in all that small space, and the twin pleasure contact provides that intense arousal that guarantees a satisfying orgasm.

Features and Types of the Best Rabbit Vibrators

If you have enjoyed clitoral stimulation with clitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators, or have masturbated fantasizing about someone’s cock going in and out of you, then a rabbit vibrator offers you the best of both worlds, since it’s a combination of those two sex toys.

A Rabbit vibrator is similar to dildos and vibrators, except for the two rabbit like ears designed to stimulate any woman’s most sensitive spot, her clitoris, for intense clitoral stimulation, but unlike clitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators, it also comes with a dildo for internal stimulation that mimics a man’s cock inside her pussy.

Some rabbit vibrators also come with anal simulators for multi-point contact during masturbation. Double or triple the pleasure stimulations will leave any woman hopping in pleasure and experiencing intense orgasms with rabbit vibrators.

Rabbit vibrators come in different dildo lengths and sizes, so choosing the length and girth size of your choice is important to avoid sexual frustration and enjoy unrivalled orgasm in your masturbation.

Target Areas of Stimulation with Rabbit Vibrators

More than a clitoral vibrator, more than an ordinary dildo vibrator, the rabbit vibrator ensures maximum and simultaneous stimulation for greater arousal by stimulating more than just one sensitive area of a woman’s body.

With the rabbit ears, any woman will be gasping and moaning in pleasure as she comes closer and closer to an explosive and intense orgasm from the twin rabbit ears teasing and stimulating her clitoris non-stop!

Second is the dildo inside her vagina, and depending on the speed and functions, get double the pleasure at the same time as it humps and pumps like the cock in your sex fantasy, or even better!

Some rabbit vibrators come with extra anal probe and butt stimulator, for triple the naughty and erotic stimulation and three times the pleasure, all at the same time! What a real man can’t do, a rabbit vibrator can!

How to use a Rabbit Vibrator

Contact is the key for a successful masturbation with a rabbit vibrator, so it’s important to be comfortable and at ease. For best results, use a rabbit vibrator when in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom, so you can relax and get the best and most comfortable position possible.

And as best as possible, lock the door, and make sure you don’t moan or scream too loud as to wake up the neighbors!

How to Choose the Best Brands for Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators come in many shapes, design and sizes, offering a variety of speed and functions. It is also very important for you to know your body, what excites and arouses you so you can at least have an idea of what you want and what you will get from your first rabbit vibrator.

For beginners, it’s best to start with the basic rabbit vibrators. They are easy to use, simpler controls, more affordable and cheaper, and allow you get a taste of masturbation like never before without breaking the budget. As you gain more experience, and get to know what turns you on more and what stimulations and arousal you desire, there are many other high end rabbit vibrators available for you to choose from, with multiple speed and functions to satisfy you, all made available and still affordable by the best online sex toy shop in Australia for masturbation sex toys for women like rabbit vibrators, ThatsNaughty Australia.

Got a question? Send us a message so we can help you get the best sex toys for masturbation, guaranteed discrete and in complete privacy!

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