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Double Ended Dildos in Australia

What is a Double Ended Dildo?

A double ended dildo or double dong is a female masturbation sex toy that is a replica of a man’s cock, just like a dildo. But not only do you get one dildo, but dildo dongs in one sex toy! Double the cock means double the pleasure, and it is perfect for indulging in two cocks for double penetration during solo masturbation, or sharing the naughty fun with your lover.

Features of the Best Double Ended Dildos


Double ended vibrators come in many shapes, design, textures, and sizes, and finding the right one for you is important. For beginners, it’s best to start with at least 12 inch or longer bendable double ended dildo. The extra length would allow you the ability to either share the other end with your lover, or bend and twist it to get double penetration in your vagina and butt. Some of the best beginner double dongs are the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies double dong or Pipedream BASIX Ribbed Double Dong.

There are double ended dildos that are designed for solo masturbation, the double penetration dong like Seven Creations Double Mini Dong. They are designed with the two tips pointing the same direction for dual penetration of the vagina and the butt. Inserting them is made easier, so you can spend time on what is important, double penetration for double the orgasmic fun!

Vibration Functions

Though it offers two cocks instead of one, most double ended dildos and double dongs not come without any vibrating function like some dildos, so if you are looking for that extra vibe action, this may not be for you. But having two cocks instead of one, and being able to be fully satisfied with your sexual fantasy of getting it twice as deep and twice as tight in your vagina and your ass, then even with the lack of vibration certainly makes it worth it!

How to use a Double Ended Dildo / Double Dong

Position is important, and the most comfortable position is essential to enjoy masturbation with a double ended dildo. Make sure you lubricate both tips of the double dong, and choose the perfect lubricant from our buyers guide to lubricants to get the perfect partner for your double ended dildo.

Lie down in bed, and preferably have your butt raised with a cushion or a pillow, and insert one dildo end inside you, then bend and twist the other end to adjust and prepare it for your next orifice. It may take some practice, but the bendable body of the double ended dildo will help you get it in place. Once it is in position, you can experiment holding on the “U” part of the dildo and experience double penetration in your masturbation.

For sharing the double ended dildo, it becomes even easier! They are not just for lesbian’s, but also perfect for giving your man a good naughty pegging. A little experiment would be needed, like being on all fours opposite each other as you share a dildo tip, or you could face each other as you position and insert the end of the dildo, and the added eye contact makes for a more exciting intimacy while you pump and thrust!

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