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Buying Guide for Australia Glass Dildos

What is a Glass Dildos?

Glass Dildos are female masturbation sex toys designed for you to explore the arousing sensations and simulations of naughty temperature play. Shaped long and always hard like a cock dildo, with vibrations functions like a vibrator, but it is its material that allows woman to experience simulations hot or cold. Sounds impossible!? We dare you to try and experience for yourself.

Features and Types of the Best Glass Dildos

A glass dildo is made from high quality body safe borosilicate glass, the same material used for Pyrex, and with proper care and storage it will last you a lifetime of temperature play. They come in various lengths and sizes, in simple and complex designs so you can choose the one that inspires you more to explore new naughty pleasure through masturbation.

With glass dildos, temperature play is as easy as 1-2-3! You can use it with your favorite lubricant as needed, and since it is made from glass, slipping it in and out of your vagina is easy in no time. It gets even better when you choose hot or cold temperature play: dip in in cold water or warm water and experience masturbation sensations unlike any other to achieve new and intense orgasms.

Some glass dildos brands come with vibration functions attachments that you can use as you please. Some are designed to hit your G- Spot, and even comes in special shapes to give you clitoral stimulation like a clitoral vibrator. Temperature play, vibrations and the manly hardness of a cock makes glass dildo vibrators an experience worth the price for the new pleasure masturbation pleasures and intense orgasm.

Glass dildos also come in all shapes and sizes and functions: there are double ended dildos, glass butt plugs, anal dildos, each with its unique and artistic surface design to inspire your creativity in the naughty arts.

Target Areas of Stimulation with Glass Dildos

Most commonly shaped as a replica of a man’s cock, depending on the shape and design of the glass dildo, it can stimulate your vagina, your g-spot and your clitoris. Choose your pleasure, and choose the perfect shape, size, and design that would inspire you to be more daring and playful the wet and naughty way!

You can also use glass dildos for anal masturbation, and double ended glass dildos allow you and your lover to share this exquisite glass sex toy for greater intimacy and more satisfying sex life.

How to use a Glass Dildos

You can use a glass dildo just like any dildo for masturbation, but what makes this different and more exciting is with the ability to explore temperature play. It’s made from glass so it can adapt to temperature changes, it can be cold or warm as you want it to be.  A dip in warm water or chill it first, and you can explore new arousing and erotic sensations for your masturbation.

How to Choose the Best Brands for Glass Dildos

Pipedream is one of the best brands for glass dildos with the ICICLES collection, offering you a wide selection of artistic hand-blown glass dildos, each one a unique piece as the woman who would enjoy it for a lifetime. Other brands for glass dildos are Doc Johnson, Joyful Pleasures, California Exotic Novelties, Spartacus, Icon Brands and NS Novelties offers its own selection of glass dildos, so you can explore and find the right glass dildos that will inspire you to be naughty and sexually satisfied unlike never before.

Shape and function is important, and means a difference between satisfaction or disappointment. Choose the right length, size, shape and functions, be it for simple in and out pumping in your vagina, clitoral or g-spot stimulation.

ThatsNaughty Australia offers a wide selection of glass dildos so you can the best one for you, available at very affordable prices so you can explore and discover a different kind of masturbation pleasures, the intense orgasmic clarity and class that only glass dildos can give you.

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