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Buyers Guide for Sex Lubricants

What are Lubricants?

Personal Lubricants are liquid based substances designed to reduce friction for a more enjoyable sensation when in contact. Whether it’s during masturbation or sexual intercourse, lubricants help in making it easy for contact between penis and vagina, the butt, or other body parts. Lubricants help reduce friction and discomfort, as well as make penetration easier when using sex toys for masturbation.

Types of Lubricants

Personal Lubricants are available in either water based, silicone based, or oil based variants. Choosing the right one for you or your sex toys is a must for a more satisfying naughty bedroom action.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are the most common personal lubricant, and perfect for use with sex toys or your favourite brand of latex condoms. Water based lubricants are formulated to be gentle on skin and non-irritating, but it’s always best to try one first in case some contain glycerin. Water based personal lubricants dry easier, but a little saliva and water can do the trick. They are also easy to clean or wash off from clothing.

There are some water based lubricants that are edible, and comes in many flavors, perfect to add some naughty and delicious licks during foreplay or even while enjoying the long night of sexual intercourse. They do contain sugar, which can promote the growth of yeast infection, so make sure to clean up well after use.

Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants last longer than water based lubricants, but you should be careful not to use with silicone sex toys, as the reaction will degrade your sex toy. It is safe to use with non-silicone based sex toys and latex condoms, but some women may have some allergy to silicone, so best to test one out first just to be sure. Some silicone based personal lubricants can also be used as massage oil, perfect for foreplay. Compared to water based lubricants, they are more expensive, and harder to wash off from clothing, beddings and blankets.

Oil Based Lubricants

Oil based lubricants, like Vaseline and those that contain Vitamin E oil, are perfect for hand jobs, but not for rubber based sex toys and latex products, as it can break the latex down. Some people are allergic to Vit E oil, so make sure it is safe for you and your partner.

Warming Lubricants and Cooling Lubricants

Some personal lubricants have been specially formulated to give you two new sensations aside from lessening friction on contact. If you like it cool and smooth, then try out cooling lubricants. If you want to fire up the night for some torrid passions, then nothing is more perfect than warming lubricants to make you feel the heat and fire up the night!

Purpose of Lubricants

Most personal lubricants come with desensitizing agents, perfect especially when used with sex toys. Lubricants also help as a stimulation enhancer, making everything wet and slick and penetration smooth and easy for a more enjoyable bedroom sessions, as well as add some naughty temperature play to the bedroom. Some silicone based lubricants are also perfect as massage oil to give your lover a good and easing rub or to set the mood for a more intimate foreplay.

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