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Buyers Guide for Penis Pumps


There is not a man in the world who would want to be caught with a soft cock when a hard one is what he wants and needs. Erectile dysfunction is a growing problem among men which can lead to boring and unexciting sex life. Stress or a number of other health reasons can cause erectile dysfunction even among the most virile of men, but you can get the hard cock you want to get your lover satisfied with a penis pump! 

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is cylindrical equipment you place over your cock, and can be powered manually or automatically. It works through creating a partial vacuum around your penis. As the vacuum pressure increases, the blood vessels size is also increased, blood is drawn into your cock, getting it engorged and hard. Once you get the right size and hardness, a cock ring or retaining band is slid over the base of your cock to maintain the erection.

A Penis Pump is not only used for getting a hard erection or as a temporary solution for Erectile Dysfunction. It is also used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, the abnormal curve or bend in a man’s cock which can cause difficulty, anxiety, and pain during sexual intercourse.

Some cock pumps offer the ability not just to get you hard and ready, but also to increase the girth and size of your cock through constant use without the need for injections, medicines, or surgery.

Different Types of Penis Pumps

Cock pumps and Penis pumps are available online from different brands offering different designs to suit your need. ThatsNaughty Australia online sex toy shop offers you a selection of the best penis pumps. Though all penis pumps use vacuum to get you the hard on you need, some offer innovations that are perfect for some naughty play time in the shower with the user of water, such as Hydromax and BathMate series of cock pumps. You can choose for the right penis pump for function or for pleasure, and even both!

How to Use a Penis Pump the Safely and Effectively

When using a penis pump, make sure you read and understand instructions on proper use of a cock pump.  As the vacuum pressure increases, you will less or numb around your cock, and thus might possibly overdo it, and this should be avoided. Improper use of cock pump can lead to serious damage to blood vessels and permanent erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps come in many designs and brands, and most advanced pumps offer a pressure gauge so you can use the penis pump within safe vacuum pressure levels. Most of the best and effective penis pumps also offer auto release safety mechanism for your health and safety. These types of penis pumps are best for beginners so they can enjoy the benefits of getting the hard cock they need to satisfy their lovers safely and effectively.

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