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Australian G Spot Vibrators

What is a G Spot Vibrator?

A G Spot vibrator is a female sex toy for masturbation designed to massage and stimulate the G Spot, every woman’s elusive spot that offers intense stimulation and arousal when perfectly stimulated. G-spot stimulation and the powerful orgasm it can give is an experience every woman should experience, that sudden intense rush of arousal that only a g-spot massager can give, leading to a more satisfying and intense masturbation sensations.

Features and Types of the Best G Spot Vibrators

Some women can’t seem to find their g-spot when they masturbate, and out of sexual frustration they doubt if they have even have one. But they do, they just haven’t found it yet, and a g-spot vibrator is the best female sex toy for g-spot stimulation, to help you and any woman find that elusive spot. Unlike other vibrators and dildos that serve to mimic the shape, length and form a man’s penis, a g-spot vibrator has a unique shape and curve to help women discover their g-spot faster and experience intense stimulation for more satisfying orgasm in their masturbation.

A certain angle is needed to hit the g-spot, and it is for this reason that it is rarely stroked and gets in contact with a man’s penis during sexual intercourse. The body of a g-spot vibrator is angled in a curve to help you find your g-spot faster, and it is just a matter a time before you do, and that is just a start of the g-spot stimulation and masturbation experience with a g-spot vibrator.

G-spot vibrators comes in many lengths and sizes for you to choose from, and aside from the angled and curved body for g-spot stimulation, it is available with other key functions and multi speed features to help you explore and experience more arousing stimulation, satisfying masturbation when you experience that intense orgasm that you have always dreamed about.

For beginners to g-spot stimulation, you can choose from the basic models and designs to help you focus on what is important, and that is finding your g-spot so you can experience intense arousal as you massage your g-spot and pamper it with naughty vibrations. These beginner g spot massagers usually offer a wider area of contact at the tip, so you can find your g spot faster, and are more affordable, perfect for your first g-spot stimulation and masturbation sessions.

For the more experienced, you can have your pick of g-spot massagers that comes with extra features like clitoral stimulator for even more arousing sensations, multi speed and vibration functions to let you explore pleasure like never before.

Most g-spot massagers and g spot vibrators are battery powered, so make sure you have extra batteries for long hours of masturbation. Some g spot massagers are also rechargeable, for hassle hassle-free plug it in and its ready to satisfy you. Choose the one that offers the most convenience for you and your lifestyle.

Choosing the right size and the perfect combination of functions is essential for your pleasure, and ThatsNaughty Australia is here to offer you the best g spot vibrators and g spot massagers so you can be naughty and very happy down under!

Target Areas of Stimulation with G Spot Vibrators

A woman’s clitoris is her most sensitive erogenous zone, and though the g-spot may be elusive, g-spot vibrators are designed to find the right spot so you can stimulate it and be aroused like never before. You may have tried looking for your g-spot before and wondered if you really have one or if a g-spot really exists. Good news is, it will only be a matter of time until you hit the perfect spot for guaranteed erotic masturbation for intense and powerful orgasms like you never thought possible.

How to use a G Spot Vibrator

Even before you start using a g-spot vibrator, it is important for you to explore and try to find your g-spot with your fingers. Make sure you are well lubricated. Your g-spot is usually 1 to 3 inches from the front of your vaginal wall. Once you hit it, the sensation will tell you where your g-spot is, and if you think stroking it with your fingers feel good, then you should definitely experience how better and more satisfying it would be with a g-spot vibrator.

Now that you have an idea of where your g-spot is, remember that contact is the key for a successful G Spot vibrator masturbation, so it’s important to be in a very comfortable position when doing so. If you have experienced with a vibrator before, then you know the drill, and let the angle of the g-spot vibrator guide you to where the spot is.  It is better to start slow and easy, make sure you are well lubricated, and slide in the g-spot vibrator inside your vagina, allowing yourself to relax and explore. G-spot stimulation can be very powerful, so don’t be surprised if you have an orgasm in record time.

If you are a beginner to sex toys, the first contact of the naughty vibrations will be your guide as it arouses and excites you to be in the mood. You may need some lubricants if you are a beginner, so make sure you check out our buyers guide to lubricants so you get the perfect lubes to go with your sex toy.

When you have more experienced with g-spot stimulation, you can go for g-spot vibrators that offer more texture or vibration and speed options for more masturbation pleasures.

Using a g-spot vibrator is also perfect for foreplay. You can let your lover use and guide the g-spot vibrator to your g-spot for some for some hot and erotic foreplay experience for deeper intimacy. And when it comes to sexual positions, girl on top and doggie position allows better chance for the penis to stroke the g-spot compared to standard missionary position, so try that one out for some naughty and satisfying discoveries!

How to Choose the Best Brands for G Spot Vibrators

Before buying online for female masturbation sex toys like a vibrator, it is very important that you are aware of your body. G Spot vibrators come in many shapes, design and sizes, offering a variety of speed and functions. Finding the right size for you is very important so you can find your g-spot faster and discovers the sensual pleasures and experience intense orgasm like never before.

For newbies to g-spot masturbation, beginner’s g-spot vibrators usually offer a wider area of contact that allows you in finding and stimulating your g-spot. They usually offer basic speed control and functions, easy to use, and very much affordable, allowing you to explore the naughty in you without breaking your budget.

Once you have found your g-spot, you can buy upgrades to more advance g-spot vibrators offering multi speed and vibration functions, allowing you to zero in on your g-spot for maximum stimulation for arousing and erotic masturbation that would lead to intense orgasms.

Each woman is different, and what arouses others may not do the same for you. For this reason, ThatsNaughty Australia sex toy shop offers a wide selection of g-spot vibrators for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect shape, size and color that appeals to you. Still not sure which is the best one for you? Drop us a message and our staff is willing to help you find the best g-spot vibrator so you can have the best experience being naughty and satisfied down under and all over, only here at ThatsNaughty Australia!

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