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Australia Buyers Guide for Wanachi Wand Vibrators

Australia Buyers Guide

What is a Wanachi Wand Massager Vibrator?

A Wanachi Wand vibrator is a collection of full body massagers from Pipedream. It is one of the bestseller vibrator wands to relieve aching, sore and tired muscles, perfect relaxing treat after a long day in the office. Made waterproof, it is perfect when you take your shower, and its design allows you to reach any part of your body.

Best of all, it can also be your next best sex toy!


Features and Types of the Best Wanachi Wand Massagers and Vibrators

Instant Massage when You Want it, Where you Want it!

The Wanachi wand vibrators offers a long body for easier handling and control, and its bendable head is perfect so you can hit the right spot and ease off tired or sore muscles. It is powered by two C batteries, so no worry about getting entangled in cords, allowing you to get the massage you want when you want it, and in the most comfortable position for you. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about bringing in anywhere, or even enjoy a good soothing massage while you are in the shower. Its powerful motor guarantees you instant powerful massage with its multi speed functions and vibrations.

For the environment conscious, Wanachi also offers a rechargeable battery version of its wand massager, and you can enjoy the same cordless massager as you please. It is not made waterproof like the other Wanachi wands, so make sure to avoid sudden spills and wet conditions.


Wanachi Wand Sizes

The Wanachi Wand Vibrators come in 3 sizes, Maxi Wanachi, Mini Mini Wanachi, and the Mini Mini Mini Wanachi. Maxi Wanachi and Mini Mini Wanachi are good for home and private use, like in the bedroom, with the latter a few inches shorter and good enough to fit in your handbag. This is perfect when you want to lie in your bed or in the couch, get the best position possible. The long handle size of these Wanachi wand massagers, with the bendable head that allows you to hit the right spot is perfect for home use.

But if you want convenient and portable massage anywhere in a small package, the Mini Mini Mini Wanachi is a perfect choice for you. Powered by the same whisper quiet yet powerful motor as the standard Wanachi wands, this small sized wand massager gives you powerful massaging action when you want it for instant relief from sore, aching or tired muscles.


Give yourself a massage… of the naughty kind!

With its powerful vibrations, powerful and whisper quiet motor, and made waterproof, the Wanachi wands vibrators are not just for sore, aching, tired muscles but even for some naughty fun down under! For this reason, interchangeable massager head attachments are made available for you to explore and experience a naughty massage that is just orgasmic. They are easy to use and attach, and easy to clean too. Pipedream also offers the Wanachi 9 function massager, featuring 9 different pulsating patterns for you to enjoy!

There is also the suction cup Wanachi that attaches to any flat surface, so you can explore different positions to use and play with your Wanachi wand massager vibrator. Wanachi also has dedicated Wanachi G spot vibrators with clitoral stimulators that will give you hot arousal and intense orgasm in no time! Powered by the same whisper quiet powerful motor, you will be aroused faster, hotter and make you orgasm harder with its intense sensations and stimulations.

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