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Australia Buyers Guide for Vibrators

What are Vibrators?

What are Vibrators?

Vibrators are sex toys for women designed to arouse and entice during masturbation with its powerful motors providing non-stop vibration to stimulate nerves for relaxation and pleasure.  It can be used externally and internally. When used in contact with erogenous zones, it provides erotic stimulation for intense and powerful orgasm. Small, discrete, and powerful, vibrators are a woman’s best friend when it comes to solo masturbation or for hotter and more intimate foreplay with your lover.

Vibrator Sizes.

Because size does matter, and vibrators are available many shapes and sizes, so you can choose the best size that fits you. Getting the right size is important, especially for beginners.

For first time beginners and newbies to masturbation with vibrator sex toys, we recommend getting the basic and smaller vibrators. But don’t let the small size fool you; the bullet vibrator may be small, but it powerful enough to give you orgasm fast and easy! Getting the basic models allows you to discover what fits you perfectly, and in time you can avail of longer and bigger dildos as you please

If clitoral masturbation is what turns you hot and horny, rabbit, bullets and clitoral vibrators are the best for you. They may be small but powerful enough to get you wet and orgasmic. They are also whisper quiet and discrete, perfect for bringing with you in the office for some quickie naughty vibes.

If you are looking for a vibrator for use internally for masturbation, you can choose from a selection of lengths and girth to satisfy you. You can choose from real life size models of realistic vibrators and dildos, to even monster big vibrators.

Vibrator Textures.

Stimulation is about sensations and contact, and nothing makes it even kinkier and hotter than with the feel and texture of your favorite vibrator teasing and arousing you. Vibrators are also available in different textures to give you that perfect erotic feel during masturbation.

If it’s slick and hard, you can get metal vibrators or glass vibrators. Glass vibrators adapt to temperature, so you can experiment with temperature play served hot or cold. Glass vibrators are exquisitely shaped and built to last a lifetime of masturbation and orgasmic pleasure.

Silicone vibrators offer a feel that is soft and velvety, plus they are easy to clean. Just make sure you use the right lubricant to go with it! They are available in many different shapes and functions, perfect for solo play or for sharing the naughty vibes with your lover.

Sexual fantasies get even better when it feels like the real thing, and you can buy online for realistic shape and feel of vibrators and dildos. Made from materials that mimic the feel and texture of real skin, this is best for those who want to experience the almost realistic sensations of getting pumped deep and tight by a man’s cock.

Whether you like it smooth and slick, the velvety feel of silicone, or crave the almost real feel of a man’s cock, ThatsNaughty Australia offers you a wide selection of the perfect texture and feel of vibrators to get you into the mood!

Vibrator Speeds and Functions.

When you have the right size and the right feel, all you need is the right speed and extra functions and vibration patterns to make every naughty playtime an orgasmic success!

Beginner vibrators offer basic speed settings, while more advanced vibrators offer not just multiple speed settings but also a selection of vibrating functions for you to explore and discover the perfect settings everytime!

 Vibrator Power : Battery or Rechargeable

. Vibrators are usually powered with small batteries, while some are wired vibrators, and most modern models are made rechargeable through USB ports. Battery operated vibrators are good for a certain length of time, so make sure you have extra batteries available.

Vibrators : Splash Proof or Waterproof

.  When it comes to using vibrators, getting wet is a sure thing, and most vibrators are made to work under some wet conditions. But not all vibrators are made the same. Most vibrators are made splash proof, perfect for normal use, or fully submersible and waterproof which makes them perfect for wet places like the bathroom. Check the labels so you can get the vibrator that fits your naughty and wet lifestyle!

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