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Australia Buyers Guide for Realistic Dildos

What is a Realistic Dildos?

A realistic dildo is a female sex toy for masturbation that not only mimic the shape of a man’s penis but also the feel, color, and texture, featuring veins and bulges, often times molded from a real life replica of a living man’s cock. It is made from specially designed materials that simulate the feel of real flesh. Sexual fantasies become even better when it is as good as the real thing, and a realistic dildo make that possible for women.


Features and Types of the Best Realistic Dildos

Any sexual fantasies becomes even more realistic and exciting when you can make that fantasy as good as real, and Realistic dildos not only look like the real thing but also feels like the real things. Different brands have their own proprietary flesh-like material like Fanta Flesh Cyber Skin, Ultra Realistic UR3,  Real Feel Super Skin, all sharing the same goal of making it feel just like a real man’s penis. It is plump, warm, and smooth to the touch, just like how a cock should be.

Realistic Dildos, as their names suggest, comes it all shades of colors, to satisfy and ignite your sexual fantasies, and are also available in different lengths, girth, and shape, complete with realistic details like veins, bulges, and even with balls to make the your fantasy cock complete.  Fantasizing about a male porn star and wishing you could have a taste of his glorious cock inside your vagina!? You are in luck because many of these realistic dildos are molded from real life cock and penis, so go ahead, fantasize and get ready for a night of hot masturbation and intense orgasm.

Many realistic dildos contain suction cups, perfect for using with a strapon harness for some naughty girl to girl action or give your man a good pegging, or you can stick it to any straight surface, horizontal or vertical for some humping masturbation!

Aside from realistic dildos, some brands offer realistic dildos with vibrator functions, so you can have all those extra naughty vibes rocking inside your vagina, and with the realistic feel and shape, sexual fantasies become even better with the mind blowing orgasms you will discover yourself wanting to experience over and over again!

ThatsNaughty Australia offers a wide selection of the best brands for realistic dildos, so you can bring any and every naughty sex fantasy as real as it gets, so you can experience a more satisfying masturbation and indulge in intense orgasm like never before!



Target Areas of Stimulation with Realistic Dildos

A realistic dildo provides a woman the almost real look and feel of a man’s cock for her vagina. It’s more than just the sensation of penetration, but also getting to experience the feel and texture as good as a real man’s cock. Some realistic dildos are made from materials that allow it to adapt to temperature, so a woman can get the warmth of a raging cock, just like as if from a real one.


How to use a Realistic Dildo

Realistic dildos look and feel like the a real cock, and though this is its biggest appeal compared to other dildos like rubber, metal or glass dildos, remember that realistic dildos also need a little more lubricant like compared to metal or glass dildos. So make sure you have enough lubricants at your bedside when using a realistic dildo. Different brands for realistic dildos use different materials to mimic the feel of real flesh, so make sure you check our lubricant guide so you can get the best match for your dildo.

When using a dildo, it is best to start it slow, get yourself aroused as you play your favorite sex fantasy in your mind. Running the length of the realistic dildo over your clit or over your pussy lips is a good way to get you into the mood, letting you have that realistic feel.


How to Choose the Best Brands for Realistic Dildos

There are many brands for realistic dildos. For beginners, its best to go for the basics like Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Classic Dong, Pipedream BASIX Rubber Works or Fleshlight Mr. Limpy collection. They are affordable, and allow you to experience erotic and naughty masturbation with a realistic dildo without breaking the budget. But if you want more arousing sensations, then you can get a taste of realistic dildos molded from real men like California Exotic Colt Icon Series, Doc Johnson The Realistic Cock Realistic Dildo collection, or the Fleshlight Fleshjack Boys series of realistic dildos.  Or get more than just the realistic feel but also the arousing vibes of realistic dildos with vibration functions!

So if you are looking for a realistic dildo to give you the almost real feel of having a man’s cock during masturbation, whether you are a beginner or experienced with realistic dildos, ThatsNaughty Australia offers a wide selection of realistic dildos in all shapes, color and sizes. For any question or inquiries, drop us a message through email or Live Help chat so we can assist you with anything and everything naughty for sexual satisfaction down under and all over, only here from the best online sex toy shop in Australia, ThatsNaughty Australia!

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